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What file types do you accept?

We only accept JPG | GIF | PNG files at this time. If you have another file type you wish to have created into a BoSquare, please use or contact form below.
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What are the minimum artwork requirements?

We can work with most higher quality images that come from most digital cameras and cell phones. These photos normally are taken at 72dpi ( dots per inch ), which is a lower resoution than we would like, but the actual image size ( resolution ) is normally enough that we can easily work with the image and print a quality piece for you. We prefer that the artwork be 150dpi minimum if it is computer generated. If using an image from a cell phone or camera, please upload the highest quality image possible ( do not reduce file size or compress the image ).
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What sizes are the BoSquares?

We offer 2 different sized BoSquares, with others coming soon. Our 2 current BoSquares are shaped differently to help accomodate different finished looks. Our LARGE SQUARE is 6.5'' x 6.5'' and has tapered corners ( so it has 4 long sides and 4 small sides on each corner ) giving it a truly unique look. The LARGE SQUARES are designed to have it appear that the artwork is floating off of the wall 1 inch. The LARGE SQUARE is also our LARGE DIAMOND square, when rotated 45°. The SMALL SQUARE is 4.125'' x 4.125'' and is square in shape. The artwork appears to float off of the wall .5 inches. We currently do not offer our SMALL SQUARE in a rotated format.
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What is the textured surface?

The textured surface on each BoSquare is a quality embossed texture on vinyl. Each Textured Square is truly unique as no 2 squares will have the exact same texture when finished.
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What is the BoSquare made of?

Each BoSquare is printed on a quality textued vinyl which has a 'rich' look when printed. The vinyl is printed on our exclusive mounting bracket that we designed. The brackets are constructed of plastic that is able to handle most elements.
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Can these be used outdoors?

Our BoSquares are printed with UV resistant inks which will allow for our BoSquares to be displayed indoors and out! The BoSquare printing inks have been designed to be able to be displayed in an ourdoor environment. We do not recommend displaying these in direct sunlight as some fading will occur after plolonged exposure to the sun.
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What happens with my email address?

We use your email address to track your file creation within our system. We NEVER distribute or sell your email address to anyone. Your email is used for purchase orders and for information about our other products. We take your privacy seriously. If you ever wish to have your email removed from our system, please contact us below.